Saturday, March 5, 2011

Giveways for March

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Dear Insiders,

WOW, I feel like a complete loser this morning!  I am so sorry for
all the confusion.  Technology has not been my friend!  After seeing
all the problems that people have had getting the correct URL’s, I am
resending you the URL’s that you should each be using.  Please make
sure and click on your URL to make sure that it takes people to the
Purex Crystals page.  You will find your URL’s below in the text of
the original email.

Thank so much for your emails, posts, and tweets about new Purex
Complete Crystals.

We've added the videos featuring Purex research scientist (and mom)
Dana to We hope these videos will help consumers
understand the drawbacks of oil based softeners and the advantages
of 92% natural Purex Complete Crystals.

To that end we're having our first Purex Insider COMPETITION see who
can drive the most traffic to the Crystals web page on
Each one of you will get a unique URL that we want you to tweet,
post on FB and post on your blogs. These URL's can be retweeted,
reposted... you name it, you can do it! We have some awesome prizes.

We want to include everyone (even the beginning bloggers) to have a
chance so the top 100 participants will win!

 1st place: $500
 2nd place: $250
 3rd place: $100
 4th place: $50
 5th through 100th place: $25

The contest will run for two week starting Wed., March 3nd and ending
at midnight pacific time on Sunday March 13th.

Your unique URL:

We can't wait to see what you all can do to help educate consumers on
our exciting new product!

As always, send me your comments and questions.~ glenda cates,karren haller, pamela black "MommieCEOs Team"

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review-Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel
Southern Lights
401 pages
5 Stars
I have been reading Danielle Steel since I was in high school.
I wait for her books to come out.
I have never ever found one of her books I have not liked.
I also like the fact you can watch them on TV.
So I was so happy when for Valentines my husband went and
got this book for me as I was not expecting it.
As a mom of a 3 year old I never buy books for   myself anymore
so it is nice to know my husband watches for her books to come
out and picks them up for me.
Hint Hint David another one is coming out soon I saw it on the Internet.
What books can you not do without?
I would like to share my thoughts with you of Southern Lights
Normally I prefer romances and this is a Fiction.
It is also a little bit of a thriller.
It is one of those books which is hard to put down.
I feel in Love with both the mom and the daughter and I hated
knowing they had to be separated.
I liked seeing her forge a relationship with her dad.
I would like to have pushed her step mother off a cliff but that is not nice
so Please forgive me but she is that type of person.
I can tell you you will laugh and cry at this story.
So if you have not read it Please give it a try and come back and let me
know what you think of it as it is wonderful.

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