Friday, June 29, 2012

Rendevous Rock Book Giveaway

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 About the Book:

While vacationing in the mountains, Eric meets an unusual girl, Susan,
who has sparkling, emerald eyes that are unusually captivating. They
are a unique, singular shade of green and seem to be imbued with an
ancient fire that even a spoiled, youthfully unperceptive Eric could
easily feel. He senses a strange maturity about this mysterious girl and
is drawn to her like a magnet."When I said we would never be married, I
meant in your way," Susan said. "Will you marry me in my way? Right
now?"Even though numerous questions clamored in his head, Eric easily
replied, "Of course."Eric's answer was far too easy in Susan's opinion.
As she mused over his quick reply, she speculated on how to best
explain their strange situation in terms that he could understand, an
impossibility to do beforehand. He would have to commit himself, then
learn the truth. It was unfair to the extreme, yet unavoidable under
these very peculiar circumstances, and thus Eric is drawn into a
mysterious world.

About the Author:  

 Oklahoman Rickey Bray became a writer after a series of personal
tragedies. Following a car accident involving a drunk driver and the
death of his wife and two children, he turned to drugs for consolation
which eventually resulted in twelve years of incarceration, a
life-altering experience resulting in the start of his prolific writing
career and this debut novel.

My Take on the book:

I love reading books like these because you can lose your self in the story. I know I have said it before but this would be a great Life Time movie. I liked reading the book and it flowed well. I found myself thinking about the characters in the book when I wasn't reading it. This was a great read.

 Now for the giveaway:
One lucky person will win a copy of Rendezvous Rock by Rickey Bray. This is open to US and ends 7/14/12 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter,
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hani-Lani Book Review and Giveaway

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Book Description:

Only opening their hearts will keep them from plunging into the dark
abyss. Old Nani-lei lives in Hana-lani, her family home in rural Hawaii.
She looks after her grandson Henry, 52, and his daughter Lucy, 6, who
have returned to Maui from Berkeley after the death of Maria, Henry's
wife. Henry and Maria, both professors, had been working on A History
of Ethics, and now the grieving Henry struggles to finish it. City girl
Meredith Campbell, 36, fast-paced, self-centered, and beautiful,
believes her body will ensure her happiness. After losing her job and
finding her lover unfaithful, she flies to Maui, sure he will
follow...but her plane crashes near Hana-lani. As their worlds collide
in a natural world both beautiful and dangerous, Henry will be forced to
act on his words, and Meredith will come face-to-face with her own life
choices. A poignant journey that unravels T.S. Eliot's "permanent
questions"- what is goodness, truth, and love? By the author of the
thought-provoking trilogy Pilgrimage, Offerings, and Inheritance.

About the Author:

 Christine Thomas Sunderland (1947-), the daughter of a Presbyterian
pastor, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and came of age in the
tumultuous Vietnam war years. Her inspirational novels, set in the
present day, reflect the larger questions of our world today: What is
civilization? Why is our past important? How do we understand where we
are going? She is also fascinated with the interaction of matter and
spirit. Her trilogy explores the legacy of Western European culture:
Pilgrimage (OakTara, 2007), tells of a mother's search for healing of
body and soul in Italy; Offerings (OakTara, 2009) tells of a redemptive
journey through France (Bronze Medal winner in the Independent Publisher
Book Awards 2010); Inheritance (OakTara 2009) tells of a life-saving
trip through England. A fourth novel, Hana-lani (OakTara 2010), set in
Hana, Maui, is a love story about the role of family in American
culture. She is currently working on a mystery about Mary Magdalene set
in Rome and Provence.

Christine is Vice-President of the
American Church Union, the publishing house of the Anglican Province of
Christ the King. She has written numerous publications for children,
including the Jeanette Series, novellas set in France and San Francisco,
8+, and has edited the Anglican Confirmation Manual and The American
Church Union Church School Series ( She
lives in Northern California with her husband and two incredible cats.

Visit Christine's website at


My Take on the book:

I love reading books like these because they remind me of a Life Time movie. I got into the plot of the story and kept wanting to read more so I could get to good part lol I personally could relate to the characters in the story because my husband & I are two different people and a flat tire brought us together. This will be a good read for anyone who reads it.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 Book Giveaway

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Thank to Modern History Press I am able to bring you this giveaway. Three people will get to win their choice of book from the options below:
More True Stories from EMS and the ER

More Confessions shares
the raw and honest feelings of emergency service professionals through true
'story behind the story' revelations. Disclosing experiences from both sides of
the gurney, Sherry and other EMS, ER, paramilitary, and firefighter responders
walk you along their fragile line of sanity. Using humor as a life raft during
perfect storms, workers reflect upon how they endure and survive personal and
professional tragedy while trying not to care too much, and what happens when
they fail in that attempt. A graduate student in psychology, Sherry is a
paramedic, trauma nurse, and crisis interventionist who led a national
paramilitary crisis response team and continues conducting crisis management
training throughout the U.S.

More than 200,000 tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies will be performed on
children this year. Will you be ready?

The new 2nd Edition of this
bestselling book helps parents understand and organize the necessary medical and
emotional components that accompany their child's surgery. In an easy to follow
timeline for events prior to and following a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy, the
author provides reassuring and accurate guidance that eases the process for the
patient and family. Parents with this book will:

  • Get the facts about tonsils and adenoids in simple terms

  • Reduce your own anxiety about surgery

  • Learn how to support your child through the medical and emotional events
    surrounding the procedure

  • Take away the mystery regarding what to say to your child

  • Discover the sequence of events leading up to surgery and how to prepare for

  • Find out what you need to have at home while your child recuperates

  • Become confident in knowing that you have maximized your child's comfort and
    adjustment during the weeks surrounding surgery

  • Recognize symptoms of possible complications and take action

  • Child Protection Services have been involved with Billy and his mother for some
    time now. He has been happily settled in a kinship placement with his
    grandmother and enjoys his pet cat, interacting with neighbors and even taking
    piano lessons. As the story unfolds, Billy's grandmother has unexpectedly passed
    away and so the story of Billy Had To Move begins.

    I would love to get this book for my son. He had a foster brother for a while, and always asks me what happened to him, and if he is okay. I don't know how to explain, and this could help. 

    Billy's mother cannot be located. Mr. Murphy, Billy's social worker, places him
    in the foster home of Amy, Tim, and their baby "Colly." Billy experiences great
    loss resulting not only from his grandmother's death, but also the loss of the
    life he knew. Billy's inner journey therefore has also begun and with the help
    of Ms. Woods, a Play Therapist, there is hope.

    Now for the giveaway: Three lucky people will win a copy of the book of their choice from the 3 options. Book can be Hard cover, Nook, Kindle, or Kobo. This is
    open to the US, Canada & UK only and ends 7/011 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter,
    simply do
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    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    The Bride Wore Blue ~ Guest Post by Marianne Barkman

    The Bride Wore Blue by Mona Hodgson is an intriguing historical novel. The third book in the Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek tells the story of Vivian, the youngest of 4 sisters. The choices she made both before the novel starts and during, are not the best choices, but understandable and definitely a part of the story. This novel is about unconditional love and forgiveness, as well as not judging others.

    I loved Vivian with her spunk, and her insecurities, as well as her resourcefulness and desires to not be beholden to her sisters. How she didn't give up just because the first job she tried for did not work for her and that she did not look to a man to fulfill her.

    Carter grows from a man blaming a prostitute for his father's death, to realizing that all people have reasons for doing what they do, and that it does not mean that God's Love and Forgiveness is not for them. Vivian's sisters are great characters, and I would love them for my own. I have not read the other sister's stories, but would like to go back and read them. Not because they need to be read in order to have this own make sense, but because I have found a great author in Mona and would love to read more of her novels.

    I received this book free from Waterbrook Press through their Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review, which you have here. The opinions stated are my own.

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