Glenda Lea Cates and David Lee Cates
Married May 20th, 2006
Mom to Charles Wayne Cates
David has 2 daughters Leslie 16 and Ashley 22
Ashley 22 has 3 sons Val 6, Matthew 3 and Micheal 1
1 son Travis Lee Cates 21
I myself had the worlds greatest daughter ever Deborah Suzanne Ice
who passed away at 16 while crossing the street after taking a friend
David, Charlie and I Love to go camping, reading, shopping and spending
time together.
I am also blessed with a sister and a brother and my Nephew David who is
19 and moving out of State in May. There goes my heart it is going to be broken.
Our family is very close and because of this we are giving up our house to move in with my
sister as my BIL walked out on her and left her with nothing. In order to help her save her house
my husband has decided we should move in to help her to keep my Nephew from having to put
his life on hold.
My favorite color is purple and Davids is black. Charlie is red and blue.
I Love to red. David and Charlie Love wrestling and monster cars.
We all Love to go to the mall and people watch.
We have 4 dogs two who live with us and 2 who do not.
Charlie and I spend our days on our front porch.
Playing cars and digging in the dirt.
We love car races and monster trucks.
Our goal is to give back to others as so many did to help me when Suzzane was killed.
David and Charlie have a blog called http://www.DaddyandSonsViewPoint.blogspot.com
This is where they share the things they do together including the Soccer games as David is the
coach and Charlie plays.
He is only 3 so it is so fun to watch him I wish you could be here to see them.
Then I have my blog where I share reviews of books http://www.AuthorsBookCorner.blogspot.com
Glenda, David and Charlie Cates