Tip of the Day

Blogging For Dummies
2nd Edition
368 Pages
Susannah Gardner
Shane Birley
5 Stars
OK everyone I admit I am a dummy.
I am no good on the computer.
I do not even copy and paste.
But her I am Blogging since November.
So I decided I could use some help and so when
a good friend recommended this book I had to go and
get it.
I can say it has helped me through so many things
I did not know how to do before and made me more
confident as well.
If your new to Blogging or just not sure of what you want
to do regarding blogging I would suggest you go and
buy this book as it has become my new best friend.

I Love it and now I am able to blog with the best of the,
Can I copy and paste no but I can blog.