Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moving for Work

Moving for Work

Guest written by our friend Donnie Donovan

Since I moved here I’ve been looking for work but the problem is I have no idea what I want to do. I loved being a stay at home mom but you know, there are some things that have an expiration date and that was one of them. I miss being part of a parenting group but I’m really excited to get back into the working world. I love sitting at home all day watching Directv Jacksonville, don’t get me wrong, but I long to contribute to this family in a more meaningful way than I’m able to now. I just don’t get why some people stay in the same dead end job for years – why would you not look for something you actually enjoy instead? My mom and I have been talking a lot about what type of career would be right for me and although she thinks I need to work with kids I know I want to be in an office. I long for some consistent adult conversations!

If you lived in apartment, what kind of outside furniture would you like?

As we live in a small apartment complex and we are always cooking outside in the courtyard. Only the furniture that is out there is a wooden picnic table and it has nails sticking up that tears our clothes and I am also afraid the nails will tear our skin open. So I am in the process of trying to locate some furniture that I can show to the owners before someone is hurt.

My question is would you rather have Adirondack chairs? Or a picnic tables? If it is a picnic table would you rather have one with 4 seats or a actual bench? Here there is only 32 apartments and a lot of the time we cook outside and everyone joins us and with what we have know there is not enough room for everyone to sit down.

Should we look for a small table for the kids? Or just have them sit with the adults? Would you also get some chairs to scatter around? I need your suggestions so when I walk into the office I am prepared to show them what others things so hopefully they will furnish some before Summer gets here. If not I may be buying my own furniture just for my family but if I do that would I be able to take it with me when I move?

If so then I think I will invest in a swing set and a sandbox as there is nothing at all here for my son to play in and that is just not fair to him and I know the owners would not purchase this type of items as they already think children should not have there toys outside. Sometimes we take a walk on our place and stay in Park Benches even though you may not able to see a lot of playground equipment.

Glenda, David and Charlie